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Why You Can Trust Us

With Welfare Program your money go straight to the goal


ZFH aims to improve lives, reach out to all those in need and strive to work for the betterment of the community as a whole.


Zain for Hearts aims to organize huge events in order to facilitate the underprivileged people and helping them grow their future


ZFH supports different projects and initiatives in the sectors of public health, culture, industry, commerce, science, legal field and sports.


People can donate via email or contact us for Donations in order to support the cause and create change in the fractured world


ZFH is determined to serve the community by supporting deserving and below-average income people and providing them


We are committed to supporting these efforts through our organization, and with the benevolent support from other individuals, organizations and institutions!


Are you looking for meaningful volunteering opportunities, where you can invest your time, and contribute towards work you truly believe in? Don’t just sit back wondering how you can make a difference. Volunteer with a program that is working towards changing the mindset of thousands of university students to help them secure jobs and become an active part of the workforce.