Our Objectives

ZFH supports different projects and initiatives in the sectors of public health, culture, industry, commerce, science, legal field, and sports.
ZFH is determined to serve the community by supporting deserving and below-average income people and providing them with quality health care, with the support of sponsors and donors, so they can live their life to the fullest. It will help deserving young people to attain a healthy, meaningful, and productive life by assisting them to pursue different sports of their choice and liking.
ZFH also supports micro-financial programs to fight poverty, promote small and home industry and help new ideas and innovations in the area of science.

Medical Care

As part of its mission to give back to the community, ZFH Foundation is dedicated to helping children and their families overcome the challenges.
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Art and Artist

The Foundation seeks to support artists who are in need of financial and institutional assistance and are looking for opportunities for their work to reach far and wide.
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Tomorrow Leader

We believe that it is important to provide children with all kinds of resources in order to enable their growth.
To this end.
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Zain For Hearts is committed to serving the needs of the Homeless and less fortunate citizens within the Metropolitan areas of Kansas and Missouri, especially within the urban corridors.
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Free medical camp organized by ZAIN for HEARTS. About 350 people were treated by our panel of doctors. General medicines were distributed among children, free general checkups were also done.
This event is a huge success of ZAIN for HEARTS – A non profit organization.
We thank MPA Abida Raja and health secretary Aamir Khawaja for showing their valued presence at the inauguration.
We appreciate the efforts of tiger force for voluntarily making this medical camp a successful event and we also thank the doctors of our panel for their commendable efforts and patience.

No one has ever become poor by giving

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Our Initiatives